Our Products

Automat Machine CAM

A-25 Cross
A-25 Vertical
A-25 SK
A-25 BP(Drilling CAM)
A25 LEV (Long Turning CAM)
A25 Stoper
A25 Return CAM
A25 Chucking CAM
A-25 Driling Indexing Flat CAM
Stopper & Centring Flat CAM

Collet Operating Lever

A-25 Lever 12mm
A-25 Delux Lever 12mm
A-42 Lever 14mm
Penomat Machine Lever
Index Machine Lever
TBT 60 Lever 18mm
Accurate Machine lever
Tornos R 10 lever

Precision Component

We have with us Swiss make sliding head Automats Bar capacity Up to 20.00 mm to turn the precision components Use in Automotive engine, Power steering Systems, Electronic industries.