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Automat Cams

Explore our automat cams, engineered with precision to ensure optimal efficiency and reliability in automated systems and machinery.

Automat Levers

Experience superior collet operating levers, designed for precision and control in various applications, from medical devices to industrial equipment.

Automat Collat

Discover our high-precision turning parts, expertly crafted using cutting-edge technology for seamless performance in diverse industries.

Automotive Industry

Precision turning parts and automat cams used in engine and transmission manufacturing.

Aerospace Industry

Crucial for aircraft engines and control systems, ensuring precision in aerospace components.

Electronics Industry

Employed in electronic devices like connectors and switches, requiring precise dimensions

Industrial Machinery

Essential for CNC machines and automation systems, ensuring smooth operation.

Renewable Energy

Employed in manufacturing wind turbines and solar panels for renewable energy equipment.

Tooling | Mold Making

To create molds and dies for various industries, including plastic injection molding and metal casting

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